DRESS (drug rash eosinophilia and hypersensitivity syndrome)

DRESS stands for 'Drug Rash, Eosinophilia, Systemic Symptoms or Syndrome'. Includes internal organ involvement (liver, bone marrow, kindney, lung, heart in the form of myocarditis (PMID 21658796)) and occasionally MOF/MODS. Respiratory involvement (in about 15% of the patients), is in the form of cough, dyspnea, wheezing, pleural effusion, pulmonary infiltrates or PIE. See also under eosinophilic pneumonia. A precise definition of the syndrome has been available since 1996 (Bocquet et al.). Earlier cases of 'Drug Hypersensitivity' in the literature likely represent authentic DRESS cases. Review and lists of causal drugs at PMID 21592453, 26354734. Reviews at PMID 23602182, 23602183, 25592341

Last update : 08/01/2017

Causative drugs