Drug-Induced & Iatrogenic Respiratory Disease

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
The classic web/computer version of Pneumotox, which operated almost flawlessly since 1997, crashed in September, 2021. We have no firm explanation as to what happened. Attempts to reinvigorate Pneumotox met with no success. Fortunately, Pneumotox Apps remain unimpacted. You may download the corresponding App by clicking on either of the two links below:

Both Apps are entirely free and will work on any IOS or Android device. The architecture, management, contents, information and literature are superimposable to those in the earlier web version of Pneumotox.
You may also consider downloading Cardiotox, the companion App on iatrogenic cardiac toxicity.
Please continue monitoring www.pneumotox.com, as we undertake the construction of a refurbished version of Pneumotox. We appreciate your patience.
Due apologies for any inconvenience and potential risks on your patients.
Philippe Camus MD, Prof.
Dijon, France

The kind and efficient support from the ERS, ATS and SPLF in notifying the community is greatly appreciated. This page was built with the help of the ERS staff.


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