Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI or -ARDS)

(Fr: OAP transfusionnel. A distinguer de l'OAP de surcharge). TRALI is a distinctive form of ARDS or NCPE (see under IIa, IIb) due to transfusion/infusion of allogeneic blood, platelets, stem-/marrow cells, IVIG or FFP. Typically, TRALI develops within 6-8h of transfusion. Examination of each donor in the pool (more often a multiparous woman) for the presence of pathogenic antibodies to a cognate Ab in the recipient is indicated to prevent further TRALI in other recipents, and the bloodbank shoulb be notified. The syndrome is underappreciated and is amenable to risk reduction strategies (e.g. men-only donor poliicy, Ab screening). TRALI (PMID 25611652) must me differentiated from TACO (Transfusion Associated Circulatory Overload: PMID 17898575, 24360126, 25611653). Predisposing risk factos may account for posttransfusion ARDS also known as 'possible TRALI' (PMID 25488517).

Last update : 17/04/2017

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