What's in Pneumotox? How was it built and how it is maintained

Objectives: To provide health professionals with a free, quick-access, regularly updated and maintained database on DIRDs (and to a lesser extent on chemical-induced lung injury). Help speed-up the diagnostic process, as some DIRD can progress rapidly and be life-threatening. The webserver is accessible for free from your PC, Ipad, Android tablet and smartphone. There is a dedicated application for the Iphone, which  is also free. All versions are maintained and updated concomitantly

Sources. Literature published in medical and nursing journals retrievable on PubMed.  We use internationally accepted classification and names of disease whenever available. Our literature repository is 18,100 papers and >7000 .pdf as of May, 2013

Accrual of papers started in 1979 and continued without interruption since. Pneumotox V.1 was launched in 1997 and was hosted by Planet-Bourgogne. Pneumotox V.2.0 was released in 2012. Pneumotox is checked and updated daily. Update is delivered as needed, usually once weekly or more

Representative and recent articles are cited. A complete list on each specific drug is available on request (e.g. as for bleomycin only, we store 478 specific papers)

Did we reevaluate drug causality on published material? The 'age' of some papers, heterogeneity of data,  and since papers were already peer-reviewed precluded reassessment of causality

No adverse effect has been left aside if published, except if language was a real barrier

Pneumotox is free from any financial or other ties with the pharmaceutical industry

Diagnostic steps? Diagnostic criteria? We are working at it !