The new, weekly-updated Pneumotox is now available

New Pneumotox-beta a.k.a. V2.0 launched on September 17, 2012. Downloadable on Iphone and Ipad also for free. Accessible on Android and PC. Compared to V-1.0 features 190 more drugs (totalling 666), >200 patterns of involvement, a specific incidence gauge for each drug and pattern (range 0 'questionable signal' to 5 >200 reported cases), >2600 references from a core database of 17,510 and >7000 .pdf), a direct link to PubMed. Monitored daily, updated at least weekly (a blue pop-up window will appear on your Iphone/Ipad). We will appreciate your comments. Ongoing projects: a booth for the pathologist and radiologist (Patterns XV & XVI), an eye-catcher teaching chapter (XVII). Suggested diagnostic and management guidelines and more. We are considering a specific App for the Ipad

Faithfully: Ph Camus

Acknowledgements to JF Bervar, JC Gallois, B Martha, Marion Blanc-Caille, TV Colby, HD Tazelaar, KO Leslie, WD Travis, JL Myers, A Churg, AL Polito, CP Ierna, A Lhoumeau, A Roche, B Housset, JB Mollet, E Palleau, C Michelet, D Lé, H Khezzane, G Sonou. Developed in part through a Grant from la 'Délégation Générale de la Santé' Paris 2011-2012